Train Museum Sweet Fifteen

Train Museum Sweet Fifteen

This is another beautiful Train Museum Sweet Fifteen photo shoot we did at Florida Rail Road Museum. We we chose to use more dramatic lights to accent the real vintage effect in the images. We also had fun recreating the Peggy carter character from the avengers comics. I love the way the images came out. Thank you Elizabeth and Dayami.

train-museum-sweet-fifteen-1 train-museum-sweet-fifteen-2 train-museum-sweet-fifteen-3 train-museum-sweet-fifteen-4 train-museum-sweet-fifteen-5 train-museum-sweet-fifteen-6 train-museum-sweet-fifteen-7 train-museum-sweet-fifteen-8 train-museum-sweet-fifteen-9train-museum-sweet-fifteen-10 train-museum-sweet-fifteen-11train-museum-sweet-fifteen-12 train-museum-sweet-fifteen-113train-museum-sweet-fifteen-14 train-museum-sweet-fifteen-15

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