Hey there!

If you landed on this page is because you liked my work as a photographer which I am very happy, and that tells me that you like creative photography with a touch of fantasy and imagination. That makes me want to hear more of your ideas about what we could do at the photo sessions; No matter if your ideas seem a little crazy to others; you can share those ideas with me and we’ll work together to find exciting ways to make them happen.. So, if you are ready, we can create unique memories that will last forever.

Something very important is whether we can make a good connection to each other and if we can be a good team. That is the reason we do not take every Quinceanera that comes to us.  We want to know if we are the ones who can fulfill your expectations and if you have enough commitment to move forward with us. So what is it we look for in you?  We want to be sure that you want your pictures to come out amazing and you are willing to work hard for it.

I cannot wait to hear more from you and start working together!


Jo Angel.

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