Miami Quinces Photographer Picnic

Miami Quinces Photographer Picnic

Hi guys , here is another photo shoot we made few weeks ago. We waited until afternoon because we wanted to play a little bit with the sun light. The theme that we choose was music, and the instrument, a violin. We tried to get some effects from the sun light, moving the camera all around the place. We did some crazy stuff and we think the result was pretty amazing. Here is another Quinceanera photo shoot for you guys to enjoy. Miami Quinces photographer in a Picnic photo shoot.


One thought on “Miami Quinces Photographer Picnic

  1. Hello, I am inquiring about your Quince photo package prices. I am just starting a research for my daughters upcoming QUinces and would like to start getting ideas at what to expect for the photography side of things. I love all the pictures on this site they are amazingly beautiful.

    Thank You,

    Nitsia Hernandez

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