Little River Studio Quinceanera

Today I want to share an amazing photo shoot we did at Little River Studio Quinceanera. This minimalist space allow us to concentrate more in the Quinceanera than in the background and decoration. We had the pleasure to share the day with Jennifer, an incredible Quinceanera and I think the images speak by themselves.







8 thoughts on “Little River Studio Quinceanera

  1. This was a beautiful places and the pictures came out incredible. He is also an amazing photographer!!!

  2. Hi I am interested in your fifteens packages. Please email me the prices thank you

  3. Hi!!!
    Be ready, you’ll be the photographer of my twins….in their fifteen aniversary…..jijiji

  4. Hi, I think your pictures are amazing. I would love to hear about prices, please email me. Thanks.

  5. Hi my name is Irene and I like your photos in general , I think is unique and a very beautiful job, can you please send some info regarding packages price for a fifteen cession , please email it to me as you earliest convenience, thanks so much.

  6. Hello, we love your pictures and think the ones at Little River (white room) would be a great back drop for our Daughter’s Quince. Can you send us some information on your packages. We were thinking of having pictures taken this July before school starts if there is availability, or some time in the near future.
    Thank you.

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