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Secret Garden Quince Photo

Secret Garden Quince Photo

This Secret Garden Quince Photo Shoot was made by Jo Angel Photo. We used our beautiful wood canoe decorated with flowers using colors matching our Quinceanera outfit. Secret Garden Miami is the perfect place for sweet fifteen photo shoots and quince photos. When you use our unique beautiful canoe decorated with flowers, the pictures come out not less than amazing. Only at Jo Angel Photo you will find the perfect place to do your Quinceanera photo shoots.

secret-garden-quince-photo-1 secret-garden-quince-photo-2 secret-garden-quince-photo-3 secret-garden-quince-photo-4 secret-garden-quince-photo-5 secret-garden-quince-photo-6 secret-garden-quince-photo-7


Sweet Fifteen Cruz Building Miami

Sweet Fifteen Cruz Building Miami

Sweet Fifteen Cruz Building Miami photo shoot. This is another amazing photo shoot made by Jo Angel Photo.We had another great time taking photos at this incredible place. The Cruz Building Miami is the perfect place to take your Quince photos, Quinceanera photography or any other Quinceanera event. There is no other place where you can look so beautiful in your Quinceanera dress. The Cruz Building Miami is plenty of different places to take the most beautiful sweet fifteen photos.

sweet-fifteen-cruz-building-miami-3 sweet-fifteen-cruz-building-miami-4 sweet-fifteen-cruz-building-miami-5 sweet-fifteen-cruz-building-miami-7 sweet-fifteen-cruz-building-miami-8 sweet-fifteen-cruz-building-miami-9sweet-fifteen-cruz-building-miami-56

train-museum-sweet-fifteen-1 quinceanera-alice-in-wonderland-1

Quinceanera Alice in wonderland

Quinceanera Alice in wonderland

Quinceanera Alice in wonderland  was a very challenging Quince photo shoot, but something that we love are challenges. Recreating the story of Alice in wonderland was not an easy task. There are some good examples of beautiful photo shoots recreating this theme but many others had just fallen into the mere effort. We tried to use very few props to make the decoration to capture the main idea in a very simple way. There is a lot of themes that we can do to create very artistic Quinceanera photos.














quinceañera-barn-photoshoot-1 quinceañera-little-river-studios-1 Quinceanera-secret-garden-1 Quinceanera-park-1 Quince-tiger-photoshoot-1 chinese-theme-1 secret-garden-quinceanera-1 Magic Quinceanera

Quinceanera-Sweet Sixteen

Quinceanera-Sweet Sixteen

Here is another creative photo shoot we did a month ago. It was difficult to set up but the final result worth it. The light quality was excellent. The sun was getting through the trees, lighting the right spots. All this combination of ambient light plus a beautiful back light made the final image look magical. Thank you Leylani for letting us be part of your Quinceanera photo shoots.

Magic Quinceanera


Quinceanera photo shoot

Quinceanera photo shoot at the beach

Today I want to share this gorgeous Quinceanera photo shoot at the beach we did few weeks ago. We were a little scared about the weather because it was cloudy, but right after, we figured out that the fog created a truly magical scenery. The sky was blue with a tiny orange line between the sea. All the images came out amazing. It looked like a magical place. As a Quinceanera photographer this was one of the most beautiful days that I ever worked. Thank you Kelly for being so professional and for your great attitude.


Quince Photography Spanish Monastery-01

Quince Photography Spanish Monastery

Quince Photography Spanish Monastery

Hi guys today I will like to share this beautiful photo shoot that we made at the Spanish Monastery. The place is not so big but its architecture is amazing, all the arches and columns with all this beautiful light coming through is a delight for any photographer. The place has an incredible history, it was built in 1141 AD in Sacramenia, near Segovia in northern Spain. After several uses, In 1925, William Randolph Hearst purchased the Cloisters and the Monastery’s outbuildings. The structures were dismantled stone by stone, bound with protective hay, packed in more than 11,000 wooden crates, numbered for identification and shipped to the United States. The massive crates remained in a warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, for 26 years. One year after Hearst’s’ death in 1952, they were purchased by two entrepreneurs for use as a tourist attraction. It took 19 months and the equivalent of nearly $20 million dollars (in today’s currency) to put the Monastery back together. I hope you guys enjoy it it as much as I did. Thanks to Janelle, our beautiful Quinceanera for her great performance in this photo shoot.

Quince Photography Spanish Monastery-01

Quince Photography Spanish Monastery-02 Quince Photography Spanish Monastery-03 Quince Photography Spanish Monastery-04 Quince Photography Spanish Monastery-05

Artistic Quinceanera Photo Shoot -01

Artistic Quinceanera Photo Shoot

Artistic Quinceanera Photo Shoot

Today I want to share this incredible photo shoot. The last two weeks I have been working with amazing Quinceaneras. They all wanted to work hard to achieve beautiful results as this one that I am sharing today. It is exciting to work with models that you know they are doing their best and have a lot of commitment and this is why the results are not less than amazing. I’ll be posting every time I have a chance, to share with you guys these breathtaking images. Thank you Leylanis for being so professional. This is another photo shoot by Jo Angel. Thanks to Noel, your make up artist, for this amazing make up, and thank you for following us in all our crazy ideas.

Artistic Quinceanera Photo Shoot -02

Artistic Quinceanera Photo Shoot -03

Artistic Quinceanera Photo Shoot -05

Artistic Quinceanera Photo Shoot -04

Creative Quinceanera Photography-2

Creative Quinceanera Photography




Creative Quinceanera Photography

Here are two images from different photo shoots, one we did with our Quinceanera Monica Silva at the Butterfly Ranch and the other one we did it with our Quinceanera Janelle. In both photo shoots we worked with beautiful ideas, with Monica we played with bunnies, cats and an a cockatoo to create a chaotic but very funny scene. With Janelle we wanted something more idyllic and dramatic, thats why we used this night scene and created this beautiful bubble dream scene. We had fun during these photo shoots while we prepared both scenarios and set up all the accessories, these are one of the photo shoots I enjoy the most. The mix of creativity and great ideas is what make this Creative Quinceañera Photography look so amazing.

Creative Quinceanera Photography-2

Creative Quinceanera Photography-1


Quinceanera Train Museum Miami

Quinceanera Train Museum Miami

Quinceanera Photography Miami, Quinceanera Photographer Miami.

Today I want to share with you guys these unique images we had the pleasure to shoot at the Rail Road Museum in Miami, FL. We wanted to play with the lights to create dramatic photographs and we believe the images speak by themselves. We tried to recreate the real environment that you would live in the early half of the past century. The lighting scheme used was very simple, emphasizing contour. The backlight helped us to dramatize the scene, and the smoke helped us to create a phenomenal ambiance. Our Quinceanera Janelle did an excellent job, making a great performance. The artist of the day was our make up artist Noel, every hair he made was amazing and the make up nothing more than a work of art. Thanks to Yumi, our Quinceanera’s Mom who did a great job making possible this photo shoot. Here is another Quinceanera Train Museum Miami.















Miami Quinces Photographer Picnic

Miami Quinces Photographer Picnic

Hi guys , here is another photo shoot we made few weeks ago. We waited until afternoon because we wanted to play a little bit with the sun light. The theme that we choose was music, and the instrument, a violin. We tried to get some effects from the sun light, moving the camera all around the place. We did some crazy stuff and we think the result was pretty amazing. Here is another Quinceanera photo shoot for you guys to enjoy. Miami Quinces photographer in a Picnic photo shoot.



Miami Quinces photography

Miami Quinces photography.

Today I want to share this Quinceanera photo shoot. We planned to be more creative this time using Quinceanera dresses, a beautiful classic bikini and a really unique wood chair. I want to thank to Ismaray’s parents that helped us to move the chair to the beach, It was a very long trip and we had a lot of equipment to carry. I think It was worth the effort because the pictures came out amazing. I hope you guys enjoy this unique Miami Quinces photography at the beach as much as I did.


Quinceanera Events Miami airplanes-quinceanera-photography-01

Airplanes Quinceanera Photography

Airplanes Quinceanera Photography

Hi, everyone , today I want to share an amazing Airplanes Quinceanera Photography. It is an incredible place, Airplanes from world war II that were used to train pilots that fought to defend our country. Our Quinceanera Natalie did a great job, she performed excellent even though we were under a burning sun, and was very hard to be focused. This is another great Airplanes Quinceanera Photography, and we want to thank our make up artist, Noel, for being part of our team . Another photo shoot made by Quinceanera photography by Jo Angel.


Quinceanera water photo shoot 1

Artistic Quinceanera Photography Miami

Artistic Quinceanera Photography Miami

Hello everyone, today I want to share with you one of the photo shoots that I enjoyed most in the last few months; very challenging to achieve these fantastic results. It was a difficult job, where we had to synchronize our movements to take the picture at the right moment. Much of the credit is for our Quinceanera,Natalie Medina, who did a fantastic job. In this photo shoot we only used water and all the talent of our Quinceanera;I hope you like it as much as I do. Enjoy this unique  Artistic Quinceanera Photography Miami and if you like it, do not forget to write your comments.

Quinceanera water photo shoot 2

Quinceanera water photo shoot 3

Quinceanera water photo shoot 4

Quinceanera photographer miami 5

Quinceanera photographer Creations

Quinceanera photographer Creations

Hi all, I’d love to share this Quinceanera photographer Creations with you guys. It is a fun session we did a while back ago and I love the freshness it conveys. The colors are bright and the lighting was perfect for the occasion. Here it is, another Quinceanera photo shoot at the park for you to enjoy and don’t forget to leave your comments. Quinceanera photographer Creations.


Quinceanera photographer miami 2

Quinceanera photographer miami 3

Quinceanera photographer miami 4