Creative Quinceanera Photography-2

Creative Quinceanera Photography




Creative Quinceanera Photography

Here are two images from different photo shoots, one we did with our Quinceanera Monica Silva at the Butterfly Ranch and the other one we did it with our Quinceanera Janelle. In both photo shoots we worked with beautiful ideas, with Monica we played with bunnies, cats and an a cockatoo to create a chaotic but very funny scene. With Janelle we wanted something more idyllic and dramatic, thats why we used this night scene and created this beautiful bubble dream scene. We had fun during these photo shoots while we prepared both scenarios and set up all the accessories, these are one of the photo shoots I enjoy the most. The mix of creativity and great ideas is what make this Creative Quinceañera Photography look so amazing.

Creative Quinceanera Photography-2

Creative Quinceanera Photography-1


Quinceanera Train Museum Miami

Quinceanera Train Museum Miami

Quinceanera Photography Miami, Quinceanera Photographer Miami.

Today I want to share with you guys these unique images we had the pleasure to shoot at the Rail Road Museum in Miami, FL. We wanted to play with the lights to create dramatic photographs and we believe the images speak by themselves. We tried to recreate the real environment that you would live in the early half of the past century. The lighting scheme used was very simple, emphasizing contour. The backlight helped us to dramatize the scene, and the smoke helped us to create a phenomenal ambiance. Our Quinceanera Janelle did an excellent job, making a great performance. The artist of the day was our make up artist Noel, every hair he made was amazing and the make up nothing more than a work of art. Thanks to Yumi, our Quinceanera’s Mom who did a great job making possible this photo shoot. Here is another Quinceanera Train Museum Miami.