Quinceanera Vintage 01

Quinceanera 1950s Train museum

Quinceanera 1950s Train museum

Today I want to share one of the photo shoots I enjoy the most, Quinceanera 1950s Train museum, a photo shoot recreating the decade of the 1950′s. Every detail must be carefully studied to achieve complete harmony of the scene.; and I mean colors, scenarios and trends of that time. Today our Quinceanera Jennifer did a fantastic job as model. We did this beautiful Quinceanera 1950s Train museum photo shoot in Miami, FL, at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum, an amazing place that seems to be frozen in time.  We had fun during this photo shoot, Jennifer really looked like a 1950′s girl.

Quinceanera Vintage 02

Quinceanera Vintage 03

Quinceanera Vintage 04

Quinceanera Vintage6

Quinceanera Vintage11

Quinceanera Vintage12

Quinceanera Beach 1

Quinceanera photographer / Stunning photo shoot

Quinceanera photographer / Stunning photo shoot

As promised, here are more Quinceanera photographer photo shoot. It was a difficult photo shoot, it was very windy and I almost loose my equipment when a wave jumped on me. I was in shock when I saw my Camera and lenses full of water. Thanks God after drying every thing, all the equipment worked perfectly. I almost loose my camera but I would do it again if that is the price for taking these amazing images.

Quinceanera Beach 2

Quinceanera Beach 3

Quinceanera Beach 4

Quinceanera Beach 5


Creative Quinces photography

I told you not to go so fast …. When we talk about Creative Quinces photography we do not mean to make the most difficult pose, it does not mean the harder the pose the better. Creativity means to think out of your mind, I does not matter if it is hard to do or not, what really cares is the final result. I like to work with client ideas and then, adding my creativity and imagination, we can get these amazing results. I hope you guys enjoy this creative Quinces photography.

Quinceanera Photography 1c

Fantasy Quinceanera photo shoot

Fantasy Quinceanera photo shoot

Last week we had the pleasure of working in this amazing Fantasy Quinceanera photo shoot. Even though she’s only fifteen, she behaved like a pro model. I’ll share some pictures of one of the photo sessions and in the coming days we will be sharing even more. Thanks for a great week Jennifer. We also want to thank our makeup artist Noel for his excellent work. Here it is how came out the Fantasy Quinceanera photo shoot.

Quinceanera Photography 1a Quinceanera Photography 1b

Quinceanera Photography 2

Quinceanera Photography 3

Quinceanera Photography 4